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Week 8’s NFL Bet’s Picks

DawkLet’s jump back in with a winning week this Sunday!

Taking Oakland +16 1/2 vs San Diego.  Neither team is very impressive, but I feel a solid defensive game coming from both sides of the ball which should help keep the game close.   San Diego should win this game because it owns the Raiders, and don’t expect Russell to turn into Rivers any time soon.  Historically these two teams find a way to battle each other into a close game.   Any props on how many interceptions in this game?

Oakland +16 1/2

The Philadelphia Eagles are an enigma right now and it looks like “Westy” is out again for the Birds.  The Giants should pull it together and get a win today vs the Philadelphia Eagles.   I don’t believe this will be a blow out by either team, but I lean towards the Giants at -1 1/2. Whats really important in this games is it’s a divisional game so the better team should and needs to prevail. 

Giants -1 1/2

The Baltimore/Denver should be a great game to watch.  High percentage QB Kyle Orton does more than enough to win games for Denver, but this weekend see his old face come back to life.  The Baltimore defense will be all over the Broncos helping the team get an important win after last weeks lost.  This game comes down to coaching and I give the nod to Harbaugh.  The Ravens coaching should have addressed the big play meltdowns on the secondary and the rest of the team is salivating for a win.

Ravens -3 (bought 1/2 point)

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